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Choosing Color : Black or Dark Abstract Art For Wall Decor

Your art should suitable with your wall color. Abstract art with black or darker color will suitable with your wall, if your wall had white or grey color. I think if your wall color is white or grey the art on your wall still can recognized, and still connect each other. Why? check my opinion below

White and why?

"Everything in this world had couple and sometimes it should be contradicted."

White in here become a symbol of light color, and it's contradicted with black or another darker color. And likes note above it would be the  right couple. It will strengthen each other, the art and wall.

Grey and why?

"Couple sometimes can be called a couple because of having same characteristic."

In this case grey are not contradicted with black or darker color, and it more have same characteristic. And again, based on a note above these  colors will be unite and will had strong connection between wall and the art.

For your information , that's just my opinion based on art…

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