Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Visitor privacy are very important thing,for that we hopes You as Visitor of this site to read our Privacy Policy that we or third party used. 

1. Google Analytics
This site used Google Analytics as tools to site analys, that covers visitor behavior, age, demographics, and another information that we got from your visit. This tools is reporting tools from Google, for detailed information about  general privacy and policy from Google You can visit this link below: Privacy & Terms by Google

2. Cookies
We used cookies to save information about visitor preference, recording user information where visitor accessed, adjusting site page content according to type of visitor browser or another information that visitor sent to our site. 

All of the thing that we got will be used to improve this site. So don't worry, and if You have question about this, text me here by email : WallpaperionEmail using subject Wallpaperion Privacy and Policy 


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